All The 147 Clubs

Below are the clubs that have signed up to The 147 Club.

The EPSB recommends these clubs because they meet the minimum standards we expect of a safe and enjoyable snooker environment. Each club has adopted the EPSB Child & Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy, the EPSB Equal Opportunities Policy and the 147 Club – Code of Conduct.

Each club, where mandatory, has nominated a Club Welfare Officer who has responsibility to ensure that the club has up-to-date safeguarding procedures and is the first point of contact for any concerns, seeking advice and support from the EPSB when necessary.

We hope you enjoy finding your local snooker club!

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    The Winchester

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    Club 147

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    Elite Snooker Club

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    Chandlers Ford Snooker Club

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    Oldham Snooker Academy

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    South West Snooker Academy (SWSA)

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    Pot Black Clacton

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    Tradewell Snooker Club

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    Cueball Derby